Due to the fact that most consultants and engineers in Knowlgica were among the pioneers that founded and/or worked in the start-up period of the Syrian Virtual University (SVU), the unique governmental university in the area licensed to e-learning practicing, Knowlgica performed the following flagship e-learning academic programs for SVU. These programs are working successfully and taught to a huge number of students spread out around the world. They have high quality content, modern instructional design and latest international standards in e-learning domain:

  • Information Systems Engineering (ISE), a Bachelor’s Degree Program including 10 sub specialties, using credit hours system.
  • Educational Habilitation Diploma, a Higher Diploma’s Program including 16 sub specialties to qualify school teachers having only a Bachelor’s Degree in a definite specialty.
  • Economy, a Bachelor’s Degree Program including 3 majors: Business Administration, Marketing, and Finance and Banking.
  • Business Administration, a Master’s Degree Program.
  • Quality Management, a Master’s Degree Program.
  • Web Sciences, a Master’s Degree Program.
  • Technology Management, a Master’s Degree Program.
  • ALS: Arabic Learning System: a professional program for teaching Arabic as a foreign language.
  • BAIT: Bachelor in Business and IT
  • BACT: Bachelor in Business and Telecommunication.
  • ITE: Information technology engineering, with 6 advanced subspecialties tracks.
  • Master in network engineering program
  • Master in computer science program
  • Master in web science program
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